Working hard on the habitat house, our crew is working in two groups on several different houses (all in the same area).  Painting (inside and out), clearing up a lot, and building the exterior frame has been some of the specific work projects in which the group has been involved.   

They are loving the local meals (the Gumbo shop has the most amazing food!), saw “like 6 alligators and it was soo cool!” on the swamp tour, and toured around the French Quarters.  They visited the aquarium and spent  a lot of time chillin’ with the penguins.  Last night everyone headed over to watch the Zephyer’s (New Orleans minor league baseball team) game and got quite the show.  The game had been tied pretty much the whole time, until, bottom of the ninth, with bases loaded, the Zephyer’s scored!!

One of the most touching moments on the trip: watching the IMax movie about Hurricane Katrina and learning things about the hurricane they didn’t know so well before hand.

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