It was a beautiful day for our first full day of Adventure Village and we certainly made the most of it! The first morning is always a good time to set a positive tone for the session and get excited for all the great things to come. In the morning, campers signed up for their mini-trips and learned camp cheers. Campers grades 5-7 chose backpacking or rock climbing, and campers grades 8 & 9 chose between backpacking or canoeing in the Adirondacks.

Each day of the week we will work on a different adventure skill so we will be ready for the mini-trips next week. In the morning we jumped right in with a lesson on fire building. Campers learned to practice Leave No Trace principles in order to set up a fire ring, build their fire, and properly put it out.


After lunch, Adventure Village played a classic game know as Woodland Warefare. The object of the game is for each team to make a shelter in the woods and use that shelter to stay dry, while throwing water balloons at the other teams’ shelters.

After our evening activity of dodge ball, everyone went back to the village to reflect on the day and discuss what they are looking forward to this session.

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