Happy Holidays and Happy Core Values Wednesday from all of us at Frost Valley!


This is an exciting time of year full of giving, moments shared with friends and family, and celebration of many holidays, festivals, and experiences. One of the most important parts of this time of year is taking time to reflect on relationships that have come and gone and to give thanks to those that you love. There is a particular relationship that was built at camp that I would like to share with you. This relationship puts our core value of Diversity into action, the core value that we are celebrating during the month of December! Our Outpost campers from Woodstock Day School who put Caring in Action back in October, shared with me this story, and I am excited to share it with you!


Campers from Outpost, Zach, Paix, Ben, Niko, and Jerome, set up a pen pal program in their Georgraphy and Social Studies Class at Woodstock Day School in Woodstock, New York. The class that they are doing the pen pal connection with are a 7th grade class in Beijing, China, and one of the students was also an Outpost Camper, Ethan!

While the campers were at camp, they were able to build a strong relationship with each other, based on lots laughter. At the end of the session, everyone made sure to exchange contact information so that they could stay in touch. The teachers and students involved at Woodstock Day School were quickly on board and excited to write letters abroad. They are currently working on a “care package” to send to China, to share with them things that we have here in America. They are excited as well about a care package coming from China! Talk about Cultural Exchange!One camper, Zach, had the job of buying those small boxes of sugar cereal to China, so that “the the kids in China could taste something ‘truly American’ (yuck!)”. The class is very excited to have this partnership and are excited to learn about Chinese culture through a connection made at camp!


Now that is Diversity in Action! We are fortunate enough at Frost Valley to have campers from all over the world, who create lasting and life long connections. Their connections at camp have also influenced their schools in both New York and China, which also proves how far the Frost Valley impact can go. I am very proud and excited to share this story with you all. Thank you to Zach and his mother, for sharing this story with me!


I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season. No matter what you are celebrating this time of year, take time to spend it with loved ones and show people how much you care about them. Can’t wait to see you next week at Winter Camp!


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Lindsay Hutchinson

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Lindsay Hutchinson

Lindsay is the Camp Wawayanda Director at Frost Valley YMCA. She oversees the oldest overnight camping program in the country, which is for our campers grades 2 through 7. She just finished her fourth Summer at Frost Valley YMCA and is already working on creating the best program for our campers next summer! er favorite parts of camp are waterfront, Hoopla, and the friendships created through devotions. Coming from the great state of Massachusetts, Lindsay has enjoyed every moment working and living here at Frost Valley YMCA. As a Springfield College '13 graduate, Lindsay embraces her degree in Elementary and Special Education by developing leaders in her campers through experiential and environmental education programming. She studied with Semester at Sea during college, traveling to 13 countries in 3 months, which allowed her to embrace the people of the world and everything that we can learn from each other through cultural exchange. Her passions include traveling, cooking, and making music and she is an advocate for world peace, organic gardening, and love.

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