Trip prep was on everyone’s mind today. With all of Adventure Village leaving for their trips tomorrow morning, we spent the day preparing for the next 4 days. Our morning started off with the “Duffle Shuffle”. The duffle shuffle is a great way for our trip leaders help the kids pack for their trip. We go through each item that they will need to make sure that they have the proper gear but also prevents campers from over packing and carrying more weight than they need to. The activity took up the majority of morning.

After lunch, we began packing out all of the gear and food. We went through the meals and made sure we had the right amounts and all the proper ingredients needed for some excellent trail food. They then set up all of their tents to check for holes and tears, a very important step to insure they stay dry if rain is in the forecast. They also checked their stoves to see if they worked. Once everything was checked and double checked, the group packed their bags and were ready to for trail.

The group was rewarded in the evening with a dance party where they could hang out with all of their camp friends and have a great time.

Happy Trails,

Lincoln McLain
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