and it worked!  This morning the storms rolled through Frost Valley right around breakfast time and it looked like Adventure Village would have to cancel the hikes.  Luckily, the rain gods were on our side and after the big lightning show, the blue skies came out.

Three different hikes went out today.  One group left from Frost Valley and hiked over to Frost Valley’s farm. (It’s in the next valley.)  Everyone enjoyed all the new animals that the farm has—the chickens, cows, and goats were a big hit.

The second group left for Double Top Mountain.  There is no official trail leading to the top, but with a little persistence everyone got an amazing view.  The report back to home base was that the deer trails made the hike a little easier…

The third group zipped in the morning and left for Table Mountain after lunch.  (Table Mountain is over in the neighboring valley as well.)  While they were the only group at lunch today, they hiked well into the evening and enjoyed dinner on the trail.

After showers and a good cleaning of the hiking boots, Challenge Night was on schedule for the evening.  There was also rumor of disco dancing in the hangout yurt!

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  • Raquel Allen

    Hey Rocky! We miss you! You Look Great! Your getting Mail on Monday! We Luv U! Mommy and Daddy




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