Ramblers wanted to let parents know that climbing was awesome!  And that the chicken noodle soup and hot chocolate they just finished chowing on were the perfect end to a backpacking trip (and the hot shower helped a bit as well!).  The backpackers were deterred from their route due to heavy storms leaving trails poorly maintained, but they found alternative routes that the group could explore.  Everyone really pushed themselves today to do a bit of extra mileage. They had stopped early yesterday because of thunder storms, but the group loved the decision because they got to watch the storm in sleeping bags in a nice, dry lean-to!

For climbing, their guide Colin was amazing.  And they also wanted me to mention that their second guide, Emily, is on the front cover of the Adirondack Rock Climbing Guide Book (the couldn’t mention the exact name of the guide book…or I would have attached a link!).

When I talked to them tonight the group was enjoying the sunset in a non-rainy sky and playing some games at a park!

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