NEWS UPDATE: The Wilderness Skill Builders just arrived back at Frost Valley from the Delaware River!  The group is in high spirits and had an amazing dinner at the famous, or not so famous, Liberty Diner.  The crew rallies behind diners and french fries—and chocolate milk shakes.

The group came back to Frost Valley, after the backpacking section earlier this week, a little soggy…  Storms rolled in and out of the Catskills, but the group still found time to lounge a top a few peaks overlooking the Hudson River and the surrounding mountains.  They camped at beautiful Echo Lake and managed to make camp before most of heavy rain came in!  The group told stories “popcorn style” (pop when your hot) as they hung out in the tents until the rain let up. Great hiking everyone!!!

Alec found a new friend on the Delaware.  A four legged friend that we will call Roger the rat.  He decided that Alec’s tent (and the rest of the boys) would be an amazing place to spend the night.  Alec thought otherwise.  As Roger failed at finding refuge in the boy’s tent, he didn’t have much luck finding a friendly home in the counselor’s tent either.

With only four participants, the group has become like a family and has bonded really well.  Everyone helped each other master the canoe strokes as they paddled down the river chatting, singing, and having an amazing time.  On a bright note, no one flipped!

Tomorrow they will celebrate the 4th of July in the trees.  (With harnesses and ropes)  It’s high ropes day and the crew is looking forward to swinging 40 feet in the air!  On a clean note, everyone should be taking a shower right about now…WSB 1-Backpack 003WSB 1-Backpack 067WSB 1-Backpack 077

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