This morning we woke up to a refreshingly cool spring in the air, with some threatening rain clouds.  AdVill polished off a big breakfast, after leading the Grace for the meal before jumping into camo gear (a.k.a. putting ferns in their hair and paint on their face!) and having an all out water balloon fight in the woods.  The rain held off and the sun actually peaked out for the BBQ lunch out in the village (with a little creeking (playing in the stream) mixed in), and kept on shinning for the Giant Swing/Tower/Clay Sculpture period after lunch.  Some mini-trip packing and preparation followed by waterfront (a.k.a. massive GaGa tournament on the beach) finished out the evening time.  And the frosting on the day’s cake?  That’s right, it’s Saturday, which means DANCE time (or jump rope in the dinning hall if you’re not much into dancing). 

AdVillers are laying their heads on their pillows as I type, dreaming sweet dreams of mini-trip adventures to come for the morrow!

[Editors note: We had some technical issues with the camera today, so I apologize for the very short selection of pictures posted!]

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