Early Tuesday morning you could hear the Rocks and Ropes kids chanting as they packed out to go climb, “Rocks and ropes and rocks and ropes and rocks and ropes…” Roger, the climbing guide pulled me aside and said, “these kids are great.”

The Rocks and Ropes trip has been at Mohonk Preserve for the last three days. The will return this evening with full stomachs and pizza sauce on their cheeks.

Each day the campers climbed they gained skills and technique. They also opened up and began to share bits of themselves with each other. Though the trip only runs for a week, the group is small enough that they really start to bond. By last night this was apparent when the whole group had to work together and pack up dinner quickly. A storm was moving in and it is much easier to cook and eat when you’re not getting rained on. The group meshed and took up responsibility like they had been doing it for years.

Climbing does that with kids. When a kid is on the wall and needs help knowing where to put his feet, the group sounds out and screams suggestions to him. It’s only a simple task from there to reapply those lessons and bring unity to a team.

This group did that.

See you all tomorrow! You’re kids are amazing.

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