The last few days have been packed for the Costa Rica Explorer.  Their whitewater rafting adventure was a great day.  In between the rapids, there were some water fights and a little pirating as well.  After their day on the water, the group headed to their respective homes for a night with a local family.  Kenny took Greg, Zach, and Sam with one family and Juliana had Alex and Vicky with another.  The families were marvelous hosts to the point that everyone wanted to stay with them another night.  Unfortunately, they just had time for one night and then moved on after assisting with some reforestation efforts going on in the local area.

Next stop was La Fortuna, a town near the Arenal Volcano.  The group ended up at a hotel which just happens to have wifi, so that’s how we were able to get these pictures.  Besides e-mailing some photos, the group did some souvenir shopping in town and had a chance to visit a gorgeous waterfall.

The highlight of the day for the boys was visiting Don Juan’s farm where Don himself took them around wielding a machete to cut fresh paths.  After the tour of the organic farm everyone helped with dinner which included making some tortillas.  Monday will be a driving day as they have a 4.5 hour drive to the Pacific Coast to spend a couple of days at a resort.  Here are a few bonus pictures because Juliana had time to e-mail them.  Enjoy!

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