Backpacking…almost check!

Ramblers are doing well overall!  Rafting was a “blast!”  Canoeing was gorgeous and climbing was great.  Along Fish Creek, during canoeing, the amount of wildlife visible was astounding.  The group saw cranes, loons, frogs, fish and a number of other fun creatures to see and watch.  On their local flavor day, the group dropped into Lake Placid and ate some burgers at a local restaurant (with ice cream for desert!), went bowling, did a little lazar tag, and watched some ice skaters at the Olympic center!  Right now they are hiking near Grissel Ocean lean-to and around Pharaoh Lake.

Their favorite meal so far?  Homemade cranberry or chocolate chip pancakes made specially by Doug (one of the trip leaders)! 

Our participants had a few words they wanted passed on to home:

Scott: Mom and dad, I miss you, but I want you to know I climbed really well!  He also mentioned that the ice-skaters at Lake Placid were amazing to watch!

Alex: Rafting was cool, and I wish I got the burger in town.  Alex did amazing on the climbing trip!

Julian: I love climbing! And Julian also enjoyed the day in town.

Emiliana: Mom and Dad I miss you, and I really enjoyed rafting.  I’ve been laughing a lot on this trip!

Caleb: The best part was sleeping out on the island during the canoeing trip!

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  • Scott:
    Do I see a future in skating? I knew that you would climb well. I can’t wait to see the pictures you took! We wish that we could share your adventures too! Elizabeth wants to know if you used your six inch shovel. hehehe and why haven’t we gotten any letters??????????
    I guess you are too busy having fun!
    Have a blast!!!!!!!!!!!




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