Maine Coast

The Maine Coast squad has been having some amazing days. It been warm and sunny with little to no bugs (a change from my trip to Maine). They are enjoying Blackwoods Campground in Acadia National Park and have another YMCA teen group as neighbors right now. Their first day of climbing was amazing as they scaled Otter Cliffs, the most famous climbing area on the island.

Maine 1 group

Their second day on the rock, the instructors decided to give them a nice challenge. The set a climb that was 175 feet long! That’s 53 meters which is longer than anything I’ve been on before. They gave climbing their all and came back to the campground each night and crashed by 10.

Yesterday was their first day of biking on the carriage roads of Acadia. They were zipping along exploring part of the 40 miles of paths built by the Rockefellers and wanted to keep biking even when they had arrived back at Blackwoods.

Maine biking

Another long day had them in their tents and asleep by 10, supposedly without any prodding from Kenny and Juliana. Everyone is adding something to the group and they are getting along fabulously. Check back in a couple of days for another update on their biking adventures and mystery day in the park. I will leave you with this picture that I think sums up the Maine Coast Men!

Maine flex

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