Another beautiful Tuesday in the Valley! We greeted the sun with enthusiasm and excitement, beginning the day with the giant swing, just after filling up with a delicious French Toast breakfast. After mastering the giant swing, the campers got a chance to express themselves with some theatrical improvisation. AdVillans are a creative and silly bunch. They filled the cool air of Frost Valley with the type of full body laughter that feels like an ab workout.

After lunch, we channeled our creativity into tie-dying shirts, bandannas and other miscellaneous articles of clothing. While our creations were drying, campers and counselors headed to the creek for rock carving, rock face painting and enjoying the flowing water and cool creek-side air.

Being Taco Tuesday and all, dinner was a big hit! Campers and counselors enjoyed the typical family-style meal, passing around the taco shells and fixins’ until their bellies were full and happy. Leftovers went into the compost, dishes were brought to the dish room and tables were cleaned before a delicious lemon cream pie dessert.

After dinner AdVill campers dressed in dark clothing and sunk into the woods for an evening of French Revolution. This is a great camouflage game where counselors stand in a circle with a flashlight and attempt to spot campers sneaking up to them through the dark. Totally a camp favorite.

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