Early today our trips woke up on trail and slowly headed toward their trail-heads or pick-ups. By day’s end all the trips were back in camp and telling stories of their adventures.

The youngest campers on the On-Camp hike. Were picked up at the base of the Merrell Pavilion. This morning was stunning and I’m sure some of the campers cracked an eyelid for the sun as it blazed the valley at 6:30 AM.
The Catskills Backpacking trip was picked up in late morning. The trip was glowing from their experience and couldn’t wait to share their experiences.
The Climbing trip had an amazing time on the rock! The weather held through the entire trip making each day a full day of climbing!
The Adirondack trip was also spectacular. They rolled in about mid afternoon, having picked up lunch at a diner in Amsterdam, NY.

This session has been the smooth when it comes to Adventure Village Trips, we are fine tuned machine running at full power. The campers have been extremely helpful and engaged and the trip leaders have been crafting their trips each session to a point where we’re near perfection with our routes. It makes me very proud. The stories that make me happiest are when trip leaders tell me that when they hit camp the campers immediately start setting things up and getting started on preparing dinner. Before my trip leaders got out of bed some campers would have already started cooking breakfast. It’s impressive, Selflessness, humility, inclusiveness, comradery, and caring.

Happy trails,

Lincoln McLain
(845) 985-2291 x265

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