The day started out in the village with a circle morning reflection. Campers stretched and warmed up to the day with the sun rising and simple call and response (scream) songs. Then just before breakfast we shared warm fuzzies (complements) with each other. As we walked to breakfast campers took turns guessing the meal based solely on smell. Eggs and potatos won!

Just after breakfast we did the duffle shuffle so campers totally understand what they need to bring on the trip and so that we absolutely know if someone’s missing something before we go on trail. That took most of the morning but we did get a bit of time to play Ultimate Siko Ball (4 way capture the flag) in the woods.

After lunch campers got to choose between shooting archery, hike out to Devil’s Hole (a waterfall), or close up tree appreciation.

As is tradition, tonight campers will don themselves out in their craziest clothes for the dance tonight. The theme is Royalty. Which of course means the Sequoians will dress in the opposite: peasantry, serfdom. Should be a really fun time!

At 7 AM tomorrow morning we’ll all be up cooking a fast breakfast in the village before we head out on mini trips. This will be the last blog post before they return on Wednesday. We’re so excited!


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