Today at around noon, the first Adventure trip made it’s way back into camp from the Adirondacks. Soon after that the Habitat trip arrived and then the Maine Coast trip.

Each group poured off the bus with stories and experiences. As is tradition the Habitat group had odds and ends from the re-store to share with everyone. The Maine Coast Trip stole the show though. They all ran off the bus and in a line ran as fast as they could across the the open filed! Screaming that they had arrived.

The groups had boned well over the two weeks and at closing campfire it was apparent with all the different skits and stories that spirits were high and the power of wilderness and service had left it’s mark.

See you tomorrow! Pick up time is 11 AM. Please remember to bring an ID.

Happy Trails,

Lincoln McLain
(845) 985 -2291 x265

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