Everyone is doing great and trying to stay dry; some are staying more dry then others….  Then again, what fun is rafting if your not wet and out of the boat? 🙂

Geraldy- Is expanding her comfort zone with the rafting and climbing.

Forest- Great at helping out and did an amazing job climbing!

Norihiko- Smiling the whole way down the river and as he should be, he didn’t flip in the duckies!

Marisa- Did an amazing job climbing as well, and tons of fun to be around and hang out with.

Emma- Almost made it to the top of the tower!  She is excellent at helping out and getting dirty…

Zak- Didn’t flip in the duckies and rocked the climbing tower.

Russell- Was a key member of the group when it came to setting up tents late at night.

Juliette- Did great on the tower and makes a great effort at getting to know everyone.

Charlotte- Very responsible and is enjoying everything WV has to offer..

Jess- Did amazing at the alpine tower and in hindsight wished she went higher. Great job.

Cecilia- Got wet in the duckies!  I would say wet=fun.


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