As I arrived back in the office from an evening @ project X (our zombie bunker) I realized how little the other villages know about what goes on in Adventure Village.  As many of the campers in the village have told me, it’s how they like it!  Pita pizzas were cooked over the fire and camper skits were the evening entertainment as we waited for a possible zombie viewing.

None so far.  The blog will be the first to know.

This morning, the village split off into groups and chose between a hike to High Falls, mountain boarding, and the Leap of Faith.  The LOF is always a village hit; when else do you get to jump off a 40 foot platform attached to a tree?  The mountain boarders are getting excited to test there skills over at Pete’s Pavilion in the other valley Thursday night.

This afternoon was filled with hight ropes, the climbing wall, nature art, and survival fire building & shelters.  I have never seen more impressive shelters.  I am thinking about sleeping in one of the them tonight…  Seriously.  Some of them even had a fern floor and very waterproof!

Good night zombies.

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