Today was a busy day for Adventure Village as they get ready to depart on their 4 day 3 night mini-trip. It starts off in the morning with an activity called the duffle shuffle. What happens is we have each camper set out their clothes and as a group we make sure everyone is bringing the proper clothing and the right amount. This is extremely important so our campers don’t bring 10 t-shirts and also allows our counselors to  make sure our kids don’t forget anything important. That took up a large part of our morning.

After lunch, they pack out all of their gear and food. The food is packed out a head of time but the kids double check to make sure everything is accounted for and then pack it away in our bear bins. It’s almost a puzzle putting food into bear bins because they are not very big and you want the least amount of bear bins to carry as possible. Campers really seem to enjoy this task. They then set up their tents and checked for holes. Lets be honest, a holey tent is useless. They also checked their stoves to make sure they were all in working order and then the fun part of packing backpacks began.

Our canoe group hit Lake Cole with the trips coordinator to freshen up their paddling strokes and enjoy the water while the rest of the groups enjoyed some rest and relaxation before dinner.

The groups all set out on their great adventure bright and early tomorrow morning.

Happy Trails

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