Each trip called tonight to check-in and say hi!  Everyone’s getting up nice and early tomorrow to drive on back to Frost Valley – spending their final night here at camp before 11:00 AM departure on Friday!

Maine Trail Builders: life is great.  The last day of work consisted of digging up and replanting some plants along the trail.  On their day off earlier this week, the group went mini-golfing, go-carting, and had a pizza party on the beach.  The climbing was AMAZING and they completed 18 miles on their bikes in one day (and were exhausted at the end!). 

Maine Coast: they were enjoying a big dinner out to finish out their Maine experience when they called in.  The sea kayaking was crystal clear weather (this morning was a little foggy – but other than that – perfect!), which is unusual for this trip!  The island campsites were great, and the paddling was fun.

West Virginia: the rafting overnight was spectacular, and the guides were all super great.  Everyone’s sad to be leaving West Virginia, and this is the only trip that complained about the beautiful weather (what can we say, rafting is just better with more rain!!). 🙂

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