Adventure Village woke up this morning, not in their platform tents, but at an undisclosed location.  The night started out with the campers walking out to a “secret” village that they had only heard rumor of.  Dinner was pita pizzas over an open flame, followed by s’mores.  The Olive Gorilla, a classic bondfire story, kept the mood light, yet entertaining.

The night brought its occasionally showers, but the campers were cozy under the big tarps!  Everyone woke up rather early, as the sun was peaking its way through the clouds.

After breakfast, it was off to shelter building.  Villages in resident camp joined in and I must admit, I wouldn’t mind sleeping in some of the new structures.

It was off to more high elements this afternoon, until the rain moved in again.  The Leap-of-Faith, Y Climbing Tower, and Mountain Boarding were all hit activities.  As the rain moved in, candle making was the next order of business.

The evening ended with a BBQ and the classic game French Revolution.  The face paint came out in full force to disguise identityAdventure Village 119Adventure Village 109

Shelter Building

Shelter Building

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