The final day of sailing was “so EPIC.”  The morning was spent “sailing on land” as the weather proved to be windy and too dangerous to sail.  The group was begging to go on out one last time, and the sailing instructors felt that the group was capable of handling the afternoon conditions.  They hopped into a different type of boat than what they had been using and did amazing! All the instructors were singing their praising and telling the group how well they did with the conditions and the lessons they had learned. 

After that, they spent two days biking.  The first day of biking was great.  They biked the Burlington Bike Path along Lake Champlain, and on the way back stopped at one of the lifeguarded beaches to swim for a bit before returning the bikes for the day.  The second day of biking wasn’t quite as epic.  Although it was a very scenic route with beautiful views, it was also very crowded, so the group decided to do a half day of biking instead of the full day.  The Ben & Jerry’s tour was awesome, and the Cabot Cheese factory was also fun. 

Overall the group loves playing Frisbee and waffle ball, and they all comment on the great friends they have made!

[Editors note: thanks for you patience in waiting for this entry, I know it’s a few days late!!]

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