The climbing and biking/hiking for both groups Thursday and Friday went great.  Our second group  biked a little less, but were excited about reaching the summit of Camel’s Hump.  Our climbers loved playing around on the cliffs and trying out some new skill sets. 

Yesterday, the groups went to Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream factory and a small Cabot Cheese shop for their free day.  In the afternoon they went to a local fair/market taking place in town.  Back at the campground Ultimate Frisbee remains the best activity – and even other camps staying at the campground are starting to join in!

Today started the first day of sailing for our crew.  Many campers realized it’s a lot harder than it looks, and it’s a lot more work!  The weather was great for the crew, and they partnered up to start their sailing lessons.   The group is excited to try again tomorrow and to progress on the skills they started learning today.

And that’s it for now from Vermont.  We’ll blog again on Wednesday.  Write to y’all then!

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  • Gabriella & Paolo

    Happy Sailing Will! – can’t wait to hear all the details Friday AND wish we had some pictures! Paolo & Gabriella




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