Today, instead of breaking out into their regular activity periods, Adventure Village decided to divide and conquer some amazing half-day hikes all around Frost Valley’s property.  One group got to cool down for a while by the mist of High Falls, and then explore in and around a small rock formation known as “The Bear Cave.”   Another group got to explore our own model forest.  Our last group hikes up the mountain a bit to visit the Line Shack.

After all that hiking the village settled in for a much needed rest hour before lunch.  After lunch, we were lucky enough to play a game called Popcorn King, brought to us all the way from Armenia.  Popcorn King is a team building game that tests campers’ wits, fire building skills, and speed.

This evening everyone packed up and headed out to a favorite site called Project X, where we enjoyed an old fashioned campfire, exchanged stories, and prepared a classic meal of pita pizzas.

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