Adventure Village is off to a great start already!  After all of the campers arrived, they got a chance to get to know their counselors and new found tent-mates.  Then everyone got to explore a little bit and go on a camp tour, led by our very own Adventure Village counselors.

Before dinner, there is always time to play a few games and run around, or some might choose to just relax in the sun for a while.  After dinner, the real fun begins.  Campers, both new and returners, are reminded what Adventure Village is all about and why they are here.

Our opening campfire is full of fun, music, dancing, and most of all, tradition.  At first, campers learn immediately to lead and trust one another on a blind walk out to the fire ring.  We were lucky enough to have our Adventure Counselors in training there to lead us in some songs and other village traditions.  By the end of the night, everyone there is proud to say they are finally a part of Adventure Village, Session 2, 2011!

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