The long awaited West Virginia check in has arrived!  The group reports lots of rain, and since this is the one trip that hopes for rain the entire trip (it makes the rivers run higher!), the group is quite stoked!  Right this moment, everyone is down at the lake swimming and enjoying the last bit of West Virginia before their long ride home tomorrow. 

Caving went well, despite some waiver issues that were sorted out prior to the start of the adventure (thanks to those parents who were so understanding and quick with getting waivers in!).  The two favorite caving sections were the “keyhole” and the “birth canal.”  Campers emerged from both sections covered head to toe in mud and big smiles on their faces. 

Climbing today proved a healthy challenge, but every single person attempted the climb and tried their best.

West Virginia will drive on back to Frost Valley tomorrow and all of the pictures should be up by the start of session two!

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