Rafting is going amazing!  The water level is a little low, but when I talked to the group leaders a pending storm was coming, and the group was all keeping fingers crossed for a good storm tonight to raise the water levels (one of the few trips we run in which everyone actually hopes for rain!!).  Yesterday was spent flying high on a flying squirrel before heading over to the 50 foot climbing tower.  The teambuilding continued as the group competed in the mud obstacle course, and came back together to do it all together at the end.  After splashing around in the duckies today, the group really enjoyed watching the video feedback at the end of the day as they cruised over one rapid specifically.  The sun has been great (and everyone is wearing sunscreen!), and the water warm.  All in all, everyone’s happy and smiling down in West Virginia.

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  • Miriam Straus

    I can’t wait to hear more!

  • Lorraine Volpe

    Glad to hear something but would like to hear more. Wanted to say hello to my daughter Elena and see how she and the group are doing.




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