West Virginians are having an AWESOME time.  The group has rafter down a few rivers, swam (intentionally and unintentionally) down a few rivers, and have thanked the rain gods for sending lots of water their way.  The caving was so great, that several of the campers have mentioned that, at first they felt really claustrophobic, but by the end of the caving, weren’t feeling claustrophobic at all!  The guides helped the group through some tight spaces, and big open caverns.  And of course getting muddy and wet is always a good time.  Today was their group choice day, and everyone caught up on some much needed sleep before cooking a big brunch and heading down to the lake to swim, play volleyball and lounge around.  The evening ended with a movie in town before returning to the campsite for dinner and some much needed packing time for their big rafting overnight coming up tomorrow!

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  • Miriam Straus

    All these adventures sound great and even though we are picking up tomorrow, will we hear more before then?




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