Everyone’s having a REALLY great time so far!! Despite some rain Friday afternoon the activities have been great.  Everyone rafted in the big, multi-person rafts (rather than the duckies) and loved their guides.  A few spills ensued on some of the rapids (half the fun!), and it seems that the common consensus is the duckies are way better than rafts (apparently turning the duckies over to make a tower to jump into the water is way cooler than just swimming in the water during the calmer sections of the river). 

Biking was good, and some soccer and frisbee in the afternoon was a great break from all the water activity.  The group seemed happy that the final stretch of biking was a long, downhill section rather than a long uphill section!

 Even though some campers were nervous about caving, everyone tried the tight spaces and tricky sections of the cave.  Coming out completely covered head to toe provided some great pics you’ll get to see at the end of this week!

And that’s a wrap for now – we’ll blog again on Wednesday!

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