Just about everyone in the Catskills woke up this morning to rain and thunder! Our campers were no exception.

Our climbing mini trip was the only one to have their entire day effected by the early morning rain. It’s pretty hard to climb wet rocks so they went hiking instead. Campers and staff hiked from Camp Slime to Mohonk Mountain House area of the Preserve.  They enjoyed breathtaking views and wonderful companions.

Bikers had a great time exploring the many trails of Mohonk and Minnewaska Preserves.

Our canoers were a little slow this morning because of the weather. They had an easy 2.5 mile paddle from the put-in to their first campsite.

Our two hiking trips our both doing well. The first hiking trip  hiked from Poets Ledge to Huckleberry Point for a total of 7.09 mile. Highlights of this beautiful hike are Hunter Mountain and The Huckleberry Lean-to.

The second hiking trip hiked from their lean-to on the Devil’s Path Trail to Devil’s Kitchen lean-to which is tucked away in the pines. Highlights of this 6.24 mile include the steep climb up Twin Mountains and the views at the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain.


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