Evidently it is a bit rainy down in WV right now, but the good news is while the kids holed up in the tent to stay dry, Juliana snuck out to give me a quick Update about West Virginia 2 and even better, she sent pics!


“We’ve got some massive pools in our campsite area, and Todd’s talking about getting a goldfish for one of them. Todd and I set up a few cooking tarps and cinched up the kids tents and they’re all in good spirits despite the torrential rain… did I mention it’s a little wet here?? Our group is getting along fantastically. They are great together and always make sure they’re including everyone when they’re having down time. Even on the river, they’d take a break and raft up to chat. Great group dynamics!! It poured on the river for a while today, but the raft guides were fantastic and we had a BBQ with hamburgers and hot dogs on shore. We rafted a few class 2’s and a few class 3’s. We had a few pirate wars with flipped-over duckies, and also made a ducky tower. The alpine tower/zipline was great for the kids and a few of them challenged themselves with the height. I was really impressed with the way they cheered each other on the burma bridge when heading to the zipline.

They were very supportive and encouraged others while on the alpine tower.

The bus rides were long but relatively uneventful, generally with only a little complaining.

That’s all I can think of for now, I’ll send you more info tomorrow after we raft the Gulley.


She also sent me this:





And you thought i was joking about how serious they take “French Revolution”

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  • Laurie Albanese

    Great report…please post more pics!!!!!!!!

  • Susan Albertine, Ben’s Mom

    Yikes! Please tell Ben I thought he was reading A TALE OF TWO CITIES, not LORD OF THE FLIES!

    –Susan Albertine, Ben’s mom




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