The group is loving the new skills they are learning.  They LOVE sleeping in the tents, and have a gorgeous campsite right here on camp by our Model Forest entrance.  A big fire pit is providing great practice with some of the primitive skills, and last night the group successfully started a fire with just ONE match (and a whole lot of blowing and fanning on everyone’s part!).  A tasty dinner was cooked over the fire after they built it up to a good size.  They have also started tackling the art of tying knots, lashing together sticks and other items, and shelter building.  Tomorrow, they will be wondering onto main camp to learn some canoeing and water based skills before taking showers and hiking up to a new campsite.

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  • Kim-Adele Rosner

    Sounds like they are having a great time! Thanks for the update! Can’t wait to see pictures.




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