Here and back again!  Wilderness Skill Builder’s pulled in last night after a great day of paddling.  Their favorite part?  Learning how to do t-rescues (a.k.a. getting back into a boat in water if you accidentally flip the boat) in the water before jumping into the van for the ride home!  There are some awesome new paddling skills all around (as well as other camping skills!) and huge smiles on everyone’s faces.

Today everyone enjoyed some time on the climbing tower, flying squirrel and mountain boarding (sort of like skate boarding on boards with big wheels and hand breaks down a grassy slope) before swimming in the afternoon.  Last I saw, everyone was on their way to a hot shower and an overnight at Pete’s Pavillion (one of the BEST places on camp – wait until you see pictures!!).

Life’s great for the skill builders, and I’ll see parents/guardians in the morning so they can tell you in person how awesome their adventures were!  See y’all soon!!

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