And the hike is complete!!  Our wilderness skill builders have returned safe and sound from their two-day backpacking trip.  It was tiring but fun, and the views were really cool.  A shower last night was the perfect ending to the day.  A few of the campers were pretty psyched about sleeping under the stars last night without a tent (their choice!), which sparked a lively conversation this morning about what exactly a blue moon is (for those of you wondering – the internet says a blue moon is when there are two full moons in a calendar month) and whether or not there was a blue moon last night (there wasn’t).  Spirits are high today as the group prepares for the canoeing trip (they are just about to go into the Frost Valley lake to start practicing some skills before heading down to the Delaware Water Gap).

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  • April Krassner

    It does sound as if everyone should feel very proud of themselves. Welcome back to base camp. I can’t wait to hear details. Say hi to Deisy and Johanna for me, actually xoxo. –Deisy’s Mom (April)




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