3 canoes on lake cole

Adventure goes “Through the Wormhole!”


It rained all day! So much so that everyone at camp changed their plans. Adventure Village spent the morning hanging out with MAC boys, the Mainstream At Camp program and the Lakota Village. It was an amazing opportunity for AdVill to share its love for the outdoors with some other villages that might not get a chance to do that sort of thing in their programs. That and it’s always great to make new friends.

In the afternoon we “Painted the Counselor” with the younger MAC campers. This is a great program where campers get acrylic paint and cover a willing counselor with bright colors. Each camper takes time to fill in every available spot. Eventually each counselor looks like a Monet. Other campers who might not have been interested in painting went exploring the woods for “Weird Places.”

In the later afternoon before dinner the whole village went creek’in up the beautiful Pigeon Brook, or the gorgeous Biscuit Brook.

That evening the rain persisted. Camp decided to switch evening activities. Instead of the coveted USB, camp threw a giant dance in the dining hall. AdVill dressed up as funky as they could and threw down. As is tradition in Adventure Village the goofier the dance move the better. Everyone hit their cots with another great day at camp under their belts.


Today was been stunning. The steam rose through the trees slowly as the sun sliced through the valley. All the moisture left from yesterday’s rain was lifted back into the air as the late summer cycle continues. AdVill, groggy from almost a week of play got out of bed slowly and lumbered to breakfast. Some of the counselors commented on how old they were getting, a comment that is legitimized by the camper’s spry energy. The rhythm of the day soon took over and AdVill broke up into tent groups for some early morning tent-lead activities. Later in the morning groups split up again for creative programming, Mudslide, Nature Art, and Natural Camouflage.

After lunch AdVill set out on some real Adventures. In an effort to do a dry run for the Mini Trip (which will leave on Sunday) the campers did half day hikes around Frost Valley’s 6000 acres. Three groups set out to explore Wildcat Mtn, Frost Valley’s remote Perimeter trail, and the upper High Falls Brook. A great time to romp and stomp and work through hot spots on some possibly new boots before real trail comes on Sunday.

Tonight campers will head out to a bluff and enjoy the stars from a real vista point. The activity is titled “Through the Wormhole.” Morgan Freeman was hard to book so we decided to let him be there in spirit.

Till tomorrow. Happy Trails!



Zach eigenbrodt

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Zach couldn't keep himself out of the woods when growing up. He started working at a Northern Wisconsin YMCA Camp as a wilderness trip leader while in college and fell in love with getting kids into nature. The smiles on kids faces after returning from a once in a life time wilderness experience is why he is here today. Zach brought his talents to Frost Valley YMCA, in 2014, when he started as the Trips Coordinator and soon was promoted to Adventure Director. Zach loves all forms of Wilderness exploration, though some would say his heart lies most with canoeing.

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