We have put together a great class lineup (below) for you this year including old favorites such as Zumba, yoga, and drumming, or you can check out special new classes such as Mindful Awareness & Self Healing. There will also be several Frost Valley staff-led activities for you to join in such as hikes, arts & crafts, archery and rock climbing offered throughout the weekend.

Kara Bartow – Art Journal Creation

In this workshop we will explore creative techniques for creating our own visual journals. Participants will be encouraged to use mindfulness practice to touch into their deepest emotions and design their journals in such a way as to allow each one to become sacred space. Each journal will be created to hold the intentions and aspirations, joys and fears of its creator. Be prepared for a relaxed atmosphere combined with some exuberant fun, as we make a glorious mess with paint and glue, pictures and words, stamps, fabric, string, and our own hand-written messages to our core selves. Then, when our journals have been created, we will explore ways to add textures, visuals, and the written word to our journals once they accompany us home.

Debbie Birch – Qi Gong to Heal & Restore

Qi (chi) is our life force and Gong means work. Can’t get out of bed in the morning? Your Chi is weak. Angry, frustrated, depressed? Your Chi is stuck. Our attitudes, emotions, and sense of well-being all are forms of Chi. These simple and effective movements have been handed down for over 39 generations and for good reason. They work! Regular practice of Qi Gong will bring you excellent health, mental clarity, physical vitality, and a long pain-free life.

Priscilla Bright, MA – Mindfulness Meditation Techniques

This fun and interesting workshop draws on Buddhist teachings, current research in neuroscience, and mindfulness training, to explain some of the reasons Mindfulness Meditation has become so popular for stress reduction, physical and mental wellness, and even as a weight loss aid.  We will learn and practice several different Mindfulness Meditation approaches such as Mindful  Breathing in meditation, Body Scan meditation, Mindful Walking, and Mindful Awareness of our senses and our environment.   The seated meditation work can be done sitting or lying down, whichever is easier and more relaxing for you.  There will be time for questions in this relaxed group environment.

Priscilla Bright, MA – Mindful Awareness & Self Healing in Daily Life 

Not all meditation takes place on the meditation cushion.  In fact the smallest moments of mindfulness and self-healing awareness have a great potential to bring more balance and wellbeing into our body,  mind, life, and relationships, and significantly reduce stress.  Getting into the habit of awareness and self-healing as part of our busy days and gently moving past our inner blocks to self-care, can have a dramatic positive effect on our daily life experience.  We will practice numerous tools and easy strategies for successfully becoming more self-nourished and renewed.

Priscilla Bright, MA – The Joy of Group Drumming 

Have you ever wanted to try drumming but haven’t known how or where to do it? Here is a chance to have a really fun experience drumming in a non-competitive, stress-free environment. Priscilla Bright has taught hundreds of women to drum by using a simple group method that will have you instantly enjoying the wonderful pleasures of group drumming. No experience needed! All instruments provided. 

Priscilla Bright, MA – Positive Emotions for Increased Resilience 

The field of neuroscience is in rapid expansion and is having a fresh and positive effect on the field of emotional wellbeing.   After a brief overview, we will dive right in and begin experiential exercises that have been found to specifically shift the brain towards more positive and life enhancing states of being.  We will also learn easy techniques to have these states of being build within us to become more lasting, building your overall resilience in life.  You will have skills to take home with you but also feel an immediate effect on how you feel, and how you look at and experience your life – come join and lighten your load.

Alice Camara, L.Ac – Five Element Acupuncture

Five Element Acupuncture is an ancient method of healing based on the laws of the elements found in nature (fire, earth, metal, water, and wood). These treatments assist in the movement of these energies to flow naturally in the organ systems of the body and promote healing and health maintenance. Alice will be providing private sessions by appointment.  Please see her station in the dining hall for more information

Jing Delaune – A Moving Meditation: Introduction to Tai Chi

No matter if you are looking for a simple aerobic class or a meditation class, or you would like to explore what Tai Chi is before you make a long term commitment to practice Tai Chi, this introduction will help you to get started. Without the use of equipment, students will learn a few non-impact, slow and simple Tai Chi movements which can be practiced alone or with a partner.

Jing Delaune – Tai Chi Meditation & Pushing Hands for Beginners

To help busy people who want to learn a few simple methods to relax their body and mind, in addition to improving overall well-being, Jing will briefly introduce or review the content involved in the first session “ A Moving Meditation”, students will then learn a new Tai Chi meditation and a typical “horizontal circle”Tai Chi movement which can be practiced alone or with a partner.

Lea Garnier – Group Sound Healing 

Healing means to be whole and in balance with all that is.. body, mind and spirit.  Sound helps the mind let go into a place of deep relaxation necessary for the healing process to begin.   Come in, lay down and let the positive sonic vibrations of the crystal singing bowls surrender excess emotions and increase your positive love-light body.   Experience the deep voice of the gongs as they cleanse and rejuvenate you.   You will leave with a profound sense of calmness and a deep feeling of interconnectedness with all that is.

Eileen Graves – Learning to Trust Yourself and Your Inner Voice:
A Workshop of Mindfulness and Awakening

This workshop is based on Inner Voice Drawing ® created by Monika Kretschmar.  Workshop Leader Eileen Graves is one of the editors of Monika’s manuscript, “Drawing Out the Truth”, which states, “The formula is simple: We ask a question, we draw, we see the answer in the drawing.”  Participants will be guided in connecting with the wisdom of the unconscious and thus retrieving valuable answers to questions of life.  No drawing experience necessary.

Jess Halbrect – Running & Injury Prevention

Lace up your sneakers to start off your weekend right, and come join Jess on Saturday morning for a beginner’s running group that will take you around the gorgeous main property of camp. Jess will start with a quick stretch and warmup and teach you the proper biomechanics of running, as well as some quick drills and cross training exercises to enhance your stride, strength, and cadence – all aiming to perfect your form and prevent injury. She’ll also offer running tips like gear advice and recommendations. Run will be approximately thirty minutes or less, depending on the group. All levels welcome, and beginners encouraged!

Jess Halbrect – Body Sculpt Group Exercise Class

Don’t ditch your typical weekly gym workout just because it’s girls weekend! Or if you’ve always been intimidated by the group exercise classes at your gym, come grab the ladies and join Jess for an intro workout that will leave you refreshed and ready for the night ahead! With a killer playlist that’ll you’ll want to sing along to, you’ll get a full body workout and learn moves and circuits that you can even do at home. Beginners welcome! Get ready to sweat!

Jess Halbrect – Private Stretch Session

Body feeling tight and inflexible? Did you kill it on Jess’ run and bodysculpt class? Then you’ll need a feel-good, relaxing and educational stretch! Book a 30 minute stretching session with Jess, where she’ll address your problem areas including tightness, injuries, and flexibility and offer recommendations you can do at home as well as corrective exercises. Sign up at her table!

Lisa Knowles – BOKWA

Participants will learn to dance letters of the alphabet with their feet and sweat the numerical digits while listening to popular music.  Structure:  Warm-up, Bokwa Cardio, Cool-down  Helpful Session Notes:  Wear comfortable loose or fitted clothing.  Jeans will not be comfortable for this type of cardio-workout.

Rifka Kreiter – Meditation

We will explore a variety of simple approaches to the practice of meditation with the intention that each participant will become more and more comfortable on the inner path to peace, joy and self-knowledge.  Warning: We may have fun, too!

Samantha Paige-Graeber – Private Sessions

Samantha will be providing private sessions by appointment.  Please see her station in the dining hall for more information

Judith Powell, LMT – Private Sessions

Judith will be offering private session by appointment which will include a combination of chair massage and Thai yoga massage techniques using an approach that offers a holistic experience for the client.  Please see her station in the dining hall for more information.

Anne Rogers – Metta Self-Massage

Learn the healing touch of loving kindness self-massage.  Connect with your breath, intuition,and healing hands to maintain overall wellbeing as well as relieve stress, tension, pain and blockages.  Self-Massage can be done sitting in a chair, standing, lying down or anywhere you are comfortable. Guided by Anne Roger’s deep understanding of the body structure and energy meridians, this class will guide participants to bring gentle releases and deep relaxation into their bodies and whole being.

Dr. Judith Schafman, Ph. D. – Dreamwork Workshop

Hidden underneath the events and experiences of daily life, there lives another concealed “you” having a hidden, power-filled, inner life. This inner life is made up of your thoughts, feelings, deep desires, intentions, hidden challenges and fears, heart-felt longings, personal destiny, and your true “calling” in this life. A lot, huh? All in your dreams. Dreams are a special gift to you, showing you parts of yourself not fully seen or known, and dreamwork helps you to do deep integration.

With ever- growing knowledge of this hidden life, and the wishes of the heart made known, you stand more steadily in the changes constantly presented in daily life. Make choices not out of fear, but out of love for yourself. With time, grow into the experience of feeling divine inspiration guiding you, and, a practical GPS as good as your “smart phone”, giving you daily life guidance.

In this course, begin your dream work practice with a basic technique for working regularly with your dreams, and learn how to apply dream lessons to everyday life.

*For people who have taken this course in past years: new methods and perspectives are always presented to add to your “awareness” toolbox!

Dr. Judith Schafman, Ph. D. – The “Witness Protection Program”: Finding Clarity and Safety in the Stance of Detachment as You Voyage Through a Stormy World

In sporting events, spectators up high in the bleachers have a view of the game as it unfolds that is way more spacious than the players who are in the middle of the intense activity of” 4th down, 2 yards to go”, or “15 seconds left on the clock”.

In this workshop, learn when and how to Step Back from a variety of life situations, to enter a state of “witness” and experience the benefits of this powerful stance.  No, becoming a witness does not mean you lose your feeling for things and people, nor do you stop caring about the situation.  It means you begin finding a place of perception that widens you, your understanding, your sense of compassion, and your ability to respond!

Debra Seidman, LMT, CLT – Private Sessions

Debra will be providing private massage sessions by appointment.  Please see her station in the dining hall for more information.

Sharon Suess – Watercolor for People Who Don’t Paint

This year the watercolor class will revisit the popular birch tree paintings done with a credit card and sponge, with a bit of a twist. We will practice on white card stock, then create beautiful greeting cards, complete with envelopes. You’ll be able to take several cards home with you to either keep or send to special people in your life. Stand back and wait for the compliments to roll in! Easy and fun. All supplies provided. Just show up and amaze yourself with your talent.

Mary Tawa –  Zumba   

Zumba is a fun filled and energetic dance workout that combines easy to follow moves with Latin rhythms. No previous dance experience necessary! Class will start with a warm-up, continue with a variety of dances including salsa, samba, merengue and hip hop, then end with a relaxing cool down. We will be dancing to Latin music as well as familiar pop songs, so wear your dancin’ shoes (that means your sneakers!), bring your water bottle, and don’t forget to bring a big smile!