Rebecca Anguin-Cohen

Rebecca Anguin-Cohen has been practicing yoga for over 20 years, and received teaching certification from master Kripalu instructors at the NY Open Center. She has studied with a range of leading teachers to integrate the mind-body connection to offer practices that affect energy and emotions in group and private classes. She is a sub and workshop teacher at MindBodySoul Yoga, teacher for local outdoor community classes, and a level II reiki healer practicing on both people and animals.

Rebecca works in advertising and counters the stress with yoga, meditation, and tai chi practiced with groups in her neighborhood of Washington Heights in upper Manhattan. Her love of nature grounds her spiritual path—which is one of many reasons why she has so enjoyed teaching at Women’s Wellness since 2006!

Kara Bartow

Kara Bartow earned her B.A. in Psychology at Messiah College and her M.A. in Communication Sciences at Temple University. She is a licensed Speech-language pathologist who spends her days helping children discover new and varied ways to better communicate their wants, needs, and ideas with the world.

Kara is also a self-taught writer, artist, and meditator who has spent the last eleven years exploring ways to use all three of these skills to better communicate with her own deeper self, and to express herself with others. She lives and works in Raleigh, North Carolina, but attended Women’s Wellness weekends for 7 years in a row before moving south. She still thinks of Frost Valley as her spiritual birthplace and is thrilled to share the tools she has found on her journey with other travelers on the spiritual, healing road.

Debbie Birch

Debbie Birch is the creator of Catskill Organic, a company dedicated to developing healthy alternatives to aging gracefully and maintaining a youthful appearance using organic plant based products. Debbie is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Instructor and Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultant. She received her Pilates training at North Carolina School of the Arts, while studying to be a professional dancer. She went to New York City where she performed in several Broadway Musicals and National Tours. At the same time she taught an array of fitness classes at Broadway Dance and Manhattan Plaza Health Club. She also served as a personal trainer to many performers and celebrities. Debbie was the Activities Director, instructor and personal trainer at New Age Health Spa before developing her Catskill Organic Company. Devoted to the fitness and wellness industry since 1985, Debbie also trains clients in the Sullivan and Ulster County areas and promotes her line of organic skin care products. Please go to her web site to learn more about her organic skin care products.

Priscilla Bright, MA (Lead facilitator of Women’s Wellness Weekend)

Priscilla Bright, MA, lead facilitator of Women’s Wellness Weekend, is an international healer and national program leader who has worked in the holistic health and healing fields for over 30 years.  She is the immediate past School Dean of the internationally known Barbara Brennan School of Healing, and is a presenter at Omega Institute and New York Open Center.  Priscilla holds a Master’s of Public Health in Health Behavior from the Boston University School of Medicine.  Priscilla has her private practice in New York City, Rhinebeck and New Paltz, NY and also does phone session work that is deep and effective.

Priscilla leads energy healing workshops on Brennan Healing Science, and also her Inner Healing and Life Renewal programs which are designed especially for the world’s healers and nurturers.  Program participants take profound steps towards more emotional strength and inner balance, as they are guided to release deeply held stress, and shift the self-limiting and depleting energy-field patterns that are often held by heart-focused individuals.  For more information on all services and programs contact Priscilla directly at 845 417-8261 or at  Programs are also listed on her web page

Alice Camara, L.Ac

Alice has been a practicing acupuncturist for 30 years. She is nationally certified (NCCAOM) and is licensed in NY state. Alice incorporates foot reflexology, organ massage, and structural acupressure into her treatments. Alice has been initiated in the Second Degree of Reiki healing, and will be offering acupuncture treatments throughout the weekend.

Jing Delaune

Jing is a qualified Grade Examiner as awarded by the Chinese Martial Art Association for Yang Style Tai Chi. She has completed a number of instructor courses and she also studied under well known and respected Tai Chi Masters at their schools in China. In addition, she has traveled extensively in China researching, practicing Tai Chi and its associated philosophy.

According to the age and ability level of her Tai Chi students, she has planned a wide variety of short and long term training systems, Tai Chi meditations; Tai Chi bare hand solo forms and two person bare hand forms, in order to help students achieve their respective goals.

For more information about her Tai Chi training, please visit:

Lea Garnier

Lea Garnier has worked in the healing arts for over 20 years and is an accomplished practitioner in this field.  She has over 15 years experience as an Upledger trained Craniosacral Therapist who integrates Sound Healing into her private practice at Sage Center for the Healing Arts in Woodstock NY, a center she co-founded in 2007 and co-directs.  She also gives weekly group sound healing sessions at Sage Center.

In 2008 she became a certified yoga instructor, and specializes in teaching the integration of sound awareness (nada yoga) with gentle asana in a yoga class setting.  In 2010 she co-founded and continues to co-organize the Annual Sound Healing Retreat Intensive and the annual Yoga of Sound Retreat which take place at Menla Mountain Retreat Center, and caters to an international audience of practitioners working in the the healing arts.

Eileen Graves

Eileen completed post-graduate studies in creative writing at Columbia University and has taught numerous writing courses. She studied Inner Voice Drawing ® with Monika Kretschmar and has experience teaching this drawing technique that connects us to the wisdom of our soul and releases our creativity. Eileen credits Inner Voice Drawing® experiences with transforming her life.

Jess Halbrecht

Jess is returning for her third Women’s Wellness Weekend as a presenter, and happy to be offering some feel-good fitness classes and private sessions in to the mix. She is a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Certified Personal Trainer, holding specializations in Corrective Exercise as well as Senior Fitness. She has worked at Equinox, a luxury gym chain in Manhattan, and moved to the Catskills this past autumn to work as the Wellness Coordinator and Personal Trainer at the beautiful new Catskill Recreation Center in Arkville, NY, just a short drive from Frost Valley! She has ran numerous races, including a triathlon and half marathon, and is a photographer and writer in her spare time.

Lisa Knowles

I am a NYS Licensed Massage Therapist & Certified Dance Instructor.  I have been blessed to work in two capacities that I love, the art of healing through massage and the art of expression through dance. I have been teaching dance for over 18 years. Dancing has always been a passion of mine since I was a child and I have taken many forms of dance from a very young age. I currently teach two forms of dance, Liturgical and BOKWA Fitness.  Liturgical uses a combination of Ballet, Jazz, African, Modern and Lyrical styles of dance to express adoration and Worship to God through movement. Bokwa® is a new and completely different approach to group exercise that is rapidly spreading across the globe.  Bokwa® participants draw letters and numbers with their feet while performing an energizing and addictive cardio workout routine. Moving together to today’s most popular music, participants off all ages draw the Bokwa® L, C, J, 0 and dozens of other steps.  If you can walk, you can BOKWA.

Rifka Kreiter

I received my M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Adelphi University and have been practicing meditation since 1970, exploring a wide variety of consciousness raising modalities, including Transcendental Meditation, Tibetan Buddhist meditation, and Western syntheses like the est Training. Since 1976 I have followed (with joy) a transformative meditation path from India, and lived for ten years in a meditation ashram.

I have taught meditation and contemplation to individuals and groups in settings such as business retreats, senior centers, prison and private homes. This will be my seventh year at my favorite venue, our splendid Women’s Wellness Weekend at Frost Valley.  Nothing makes me happier than to assist people in turning within to access that wellspring of health, peace and joy which is our innermost self.

Samantha Paige-Graeber (New York State Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Board Certified Holistic Health Counselor)

My career began at the age of 37 after graduating from the Swedish Institute for Massage.  After school I studied various techniques that would enhance the work I do. Some of those techniques included cranial-sacral, ortho-bionomy, myofascial, muscle testing, and energy work.  These modalities are gentle and non-invasive with profound results.  Currently, I am in a certification program for working energetically with the nervous system.

Massage can aid chronic or acute backache, headache, foot, ankle, knee, hand, arm, shoulder and neck problems.  For people recovering from accidents or suffering from sports-oriented injuries massage can be used where needed to help aid the healing process and reduce injury-related pain.  It stimulates the circulatory system, calms the nervous system and removes waste products and traumatic experience from the tissues.  It helps the body to remember what relaxation is really about.   When taken on a regular basis, health is improved and enhanced.  On an occasional basis, it can serve as a tune-up or a way to pamper yourself, as well.

Energy work affects the energy field, or aura, which surrounds and permeates the physical body.  The Nervous System Energy Work deals with the energy of the brain and automatic nervous system. The person is dressed.  The work is subtle but deep in a non-intrusive way.  It’s goal is to remove blocks in the body and bring the body into balance.

My approach to working with a person is to take into account their uniqueness and their needs.  I bring my knowledge, experience, intuition and a positive caring attitude to work.  My husband and I have lived in Slate Hills, New York for over 25 years.  We have 2 daughters, 5 grandchildren. As for hobbies or interests, let’s just say I love to explore and love to dance.

Judith Powell, LMT

I am a New York State licensed massage therapist with 24 years of full time massage and bodywork experience. My formal training includes traditional and medical massage disciplines, neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release, manual lymphatic drainage, sports and deep tissue , Thai yoga massage, postural analysis and rebalancing techniques to name a few.  My unique approach combines this eclectic mix of therapies to tailor the experience to each client’s specific needs.

Anne Rogers

Anne holds a BA degree in Health, Physical Education and adaptive movement. She is a certified yoga teacher and certified thai yoga bodywork practitioner. Anne developed and directed the Community Exchange Program for Lehigh Valley Hospital, designed to improve health by teaching people the value of their skills and the importance of interconnectedness. For over thirty five years Anne has had the opportunity to share her passions for mind, body, spirit and community interconnectedness through dance, yoga, community organizing, massage and organic farming. She and her husband live at Dancing Meadow Farm in Gardiner New York.

Alison Ryczek

Alison has been practicing pottery for 15 years. She uses ceramics methods such as hand building and slab work, but her main focus is on traditional wheel thrown pottery. She loves to create pottery that is not only functional, but also a piece of art. Alison works out of her home studio which is local to Frost Valley. She loves every one of her pottery creations, but her finest work has been her daughter, Ruby. You can find her art at

Dr. Judith Schafman, Ph. D.

Judith Schafman, Ph. D. is a Gestalt therapist, artist, dream work guide, teacher and spiritual director offering medicines for the heart and soul, including dream work, imaginative self-expression, connecting deeply with nature through art, and self-contemplation. The foundation of her work is that all individuals have at their core great wisdom and creativity, and can discover and live from this sacred power within.

Jude received her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of New Hampshire, and a Ph. D. from Union Graduate School, a nontraditional degree program without walls based in Cincinnati, Ohio. She received certification in classical spiritual direction from Shalem, Institute for Spiritual Formation in Washington DC, and attending the Gestalt Training Centers in San Diego and in Washington, DC. Her work is deeply saturated by a 15 year stay in a meditation retreat site, where she offered service and did regular spiritual practices. She is the author of an online course called Embracing your Inner Wisdom: A Home Study Classroom in Dream Work, and articles on dream life, including how to begin your dream practice, the dark side of personality in dreams, dreaming in the heavenly realms, and how to apply dream lessons to daily life.

She offers teleconference courses, lectures, and Skype sessions in dream and awareness work, and psychological/spiritual counseling. See for further information on how to work with Jude.

Sharon Suess

Sharon has been teaching this watercolor class since the inception of WWW. She was formerly the graphic designer for Frost Valley before she retired in 2008. She still does freelance design, and now has more time for painting, drawing and other creative endeavors.

Debra Seidman, LMT, CLT

Returning for her seventh Women’s Wellness Weekend, has been a licensed massage therapist for over 16 years and is also a certified lymphedema therapist. Previous positions include six years as Massage Therapy Coordinator at Benedictine Hospital’s Complementary Medicine Department. She is one of a unique group of massage therapists nationwide with experience working in hospitals, where she also trained interns in acute care massage.

Debra prides herself on tailoring each massage to the individual’s specific needs. Her client includes both infants and WWE wrestlers. Her signature treatment is a combination of relaxing Swedish and therapeutic Deep Tissue; however, you always determine the pressure of your massage, from as light as you need it (as with Manual Lymph Drainage) to as deep as you can safely tolerate it! :o) In addition to Wellness massage, she has extensive training a/o certifications in Sports massage, Chair massage, Geriatriac massage, Oncology Massage, Infant Massage Instruction and Lymphedema Management.

Debra is currently in private practice in her offices in midtown Manhattan and Kingston, NY and onsite in corporations, homes and arenas throughout the state. She can be reached for questions or information on massage or insurance coverage, workshops and  lectures, or to book an appointment, at (845) 616-4488.

Mary Tawa

Mary Tawa received her BFA in dance at the University of Massachusetts, then continued on to perform with several Modern dance companies in NYC. After starting a family she began teaching dance and founded Tawa Dance Company when she moved to Frederick, MD.  Eventually life took her to Doylestown, PA where she now lives with her husband, 3 children, 2 dogs, 2 cats and hamster! She spends most of her time teaching ZUMBA and loves the joy her students bring to each and every class!