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EVR: Fun first days!

Welcome to the start of session 4!

It was so nice to see new faces and also some familiar ones too. Everybody moved into their yurt, learned everyones names by playing name games, decorated bunk name tags, and made friendship bracelets. We had our opening campfire where we sang lots of campfire songs, and each yurt performed a skit to everybody else. Everybody got involved and the skits were so funny! We also had individual performances where the girls got to show off their own talents. We got to see lots of singers and dancers! And could there be a campfire without s’mores?! We roasted our marshmallows and made our own delicious s’mores of course!!

Monday was our evaluation day, which everybody was excited about because that means riding horses! This was a chance for the girls to get into the saddle again, or ride a horse for the very first time and see what it is like! This gives our barn manager Karla an idea of which horse each camper would be best suited to for the session. The girls got to meet all of our horses and also learnt about how we groom, tack, lead and tie our horses!

In the afternoon the girls took a tractor ride down to the farm and cooled off at boating and waterfront. They get to go in really fun boats called funyaks and corcls, and they can also go fishing for newts! In the evening we got to play Geronimo, which is a game where everybody has a seat except one. It’s a game of speed and everyone switches seats – the campers always love it and it is always one of the most talked about activities!!

Today all the girls found out which horse they were going to ride! All are very happy and have started their lessons and are looking forward to getting to know them more and progress throughout their lessons. We spend half our day in the barn, and today the girls are learning about horses around the world.

Last night, the 4 weekers and our Wrangles in Training (WIT’s) went on their overnight! They improved their trail skills riding their horses for 45 minutes up the mountain and through the woods, away from EVR. After arriving at the hay fields they unloaded their saddle bags, turned the horses out and set up camp in a clearing at the edge of the woods.  The overnight was a contrast to the busy atmosphere at EVR which gave the girls the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful scenery around us and reflect on their progress at camp. They are now in preparation for their highly anticipated drill team!



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