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Half Way Through Session Two!

Hello Everyone!

At Frost Valley, we have 8 core values; Respect, Community, Caring, Stewardship, Inclusiveness, Honesty, Diversity and Responsibility. During flag raising every morning we incorporate a core value into each day. Today, a camper suggested caring. We should care for our environment, horses, the people around us, and ourselves.

The girls have been super busy today caring for their horses! They have now learned the basics in their lessons of walking, stopping, and steering. In their ground lessons, they have learned all about horse movements, horses around the world, and horse first aid!

On Wednesday night we went to Challenge Night at the Farm! This is when we join Farm Camp for the evening and play different challenges such as the weirdest face, best dance move, and best counsellor impression. Last night, we played a game called Boppers. This is when the girls break into gorups, and have to get through 5 challenges, but on their way to each challenge, they could be ‘bopped’ by a Bopper. Then to become ‘unbopped’ you need to find a fairy, who makes you do something, such as give them compliments, follow them being sheep, you are free!

Today in Arts and Crafts the girls made peg ponies. This is where they make horses and their legs are made out of clothes pegs! They got very creative and ended up making Unicorns. Weekends are very exciting at EVR. Tomorrow is Bareback Day. This is when the campers ride without a saddle. It teaches them how to balance better on the horses, while feeling every movement of the horse beneath them.



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