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4-Week Girls Stay Cool!

Things here at EVR have been go-go-go but the girls have been staying cool in all of this heat with water games and trips to Farm Camp’s swimming hole!

Wednesday one of our counselors came up with an awesome new water game combining water balloons and baseball!  We’ve started calling it WATER BALL!  The campers are divided into two teams and each team takes a turn at the bat (a plastic badminton racket) and the pitcher tosses a water balloon that they must hit in order to run the bases – getting splashed with water as the balloon bursts.  Since there is no ball for the outfield to catch, we set a bin full of water with a tennis ball in it.  The next person who is up to bat must scoop up the soaking wet tennis ball and throw it as far as they can!  The game was a great success and we hope to play it again soon!

In between activities we’ve been making sure that the girls are drinking lots and lots of water.  They must drink at least 2 full glasses of water at each meal – 3 on the really hot days!  We also encourage them to keep their water bottles full and with them at all times – ESPECIALLY at the barn.

Each day they have participated in a new ground lesson with their instructors!  Wednesday was tack fitting, where each girl learned how to correctly fit a saddle to a horse.  At the end of the lesson they had to figure out which saddle was the horse’s actual tack and they all got it correct!  Thursday they were able to learn twice as much since our farrier, Walter Varcoe, arrived at the end of their ground lesson on PARTS OF THE HORSE!  The girls put a dot of paint on their team’s horse for each part that they could identify and received points each time their team was the first to get it right.  They lovedddd getting to paint on the horses!  Once Walter arrived, they learned all about shoeing horses and caring for their feet, as well as loads of information about the skeleton.  Friday was FEED & NUTRITION!  They learned about the different types of feed that our horses receive and what each feed does.  In the evenings they have been helping the staff by making up extra grain and feeding the horses before turn out.

Thursday’s evening program was a staff demonstration!  All of camp got together to watch their instructors ride in drill team formations as well as in several games of Transitions, where the last horse and rider to perform a task (walk, halt, trot, canter, reverse, circle, etc.) must stand in the middle until there is only one left!  The campers had to watch very closely to tell us who was OUT!  The demonstration allowed them to view different riding styles and how the horses react to different ways of riding, as well as the importance of communication with each other.

Friday afternoon all of the girls got to take turns swimming!  They hopped in the hay wagon and were driven down to the swimming hole at Farm Camp, just down the road!  They enjoyed the water and all agreed that it was the perfect way to cool off on such a hot day!  After dinner each program split up again for evening program.  The 4-week group make banana boats – a delicious traditional camp desert – around the campfire.  Upon hearing strains of the 2-week talent show, they all decided that they would like to have an impromptu talent show as well, and they put on quite the show!

More updates to come!

We love EVR! <3




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