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4-Week: Superheroes or Villains?

We’re very sad that we’re already on the last week of this program but the girls are still busybusybusy and having loads of fun!

Friday was rainy but the girls took it in stride and enjoyed a nice relaxing day.  In the morning they went down to the barn for stable management and gave all of the horses and nice, much needed grooming.  This gave them an opportunity to spend some quiet bonding time with all of the horses, not just the one they’ve been riding for the past three weeks.  After lunch and rest hour, they got to watch a horsey documentary: Buck.  It follows “horse whisperer” Buck Brannaman as he teaches clinics around the country and tells the story of his life and how he came to work with horses and people as successfully as he does.  They had been begging to watch it all week and when they finally got the chance to they all cheered!  That evening the whole camp participated in a talent show and we were all impressed by the amount of talent demonstrated by all of the girls!

Saturday was bareback day for the rest of camp, but the girls decided to have a regular day since they’ve already done bareback.  They cleaned their tack in the morning and had a lesson in the afternoon, focusing on preparing for their drill team!  After riding they turned out all of the horses and did a beautiful job of cleaning the barn.  The evening brought another EAT WITH YOUR FACE NIGHT!  No utensils for us!  Evening program was EVR CHALLENGE NIGHT!  They were split into teams and had to complete different tasks in order to gain a point for their team.

Yesterday the girls got to sleep in and ate a delicious brunch before the beginning of SUPER HERO DAY!  The girls were split into three teams: the red team, the blue team, and the villains!  Can you guess which team the 4-week girls were?  They make some pretty convincing bad guys!  Capes and masks were distributed for everyone to decorate however they wanted before the rest of the day’s activities began.  There was an epic game of capture the flag and your villains went around dousing everyone in water and doing all that they could to wreak havoc on the red and blue team!  This, of course, ended in a huge water fight!  Evening program was a bareback and barrel racing demonstration given by the staff.  Every horse ridden is currently being used by a camper so it was pretty cool for them to be able to see them in a slightly different light.

Today is another rainy day, but the girls are busy working in groups on their own ground lessons!  This afternoon the first group will have their first taste of teaching and we hope that they find it as rewarding as we do!

We love EVR! <3



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