3 canoes on lake cole

A guy on a horse rode in to town on friday. He stayed three day days and left the town on friday!How is this possible?

Why did the horse have to go to the doctors ? Because it had hay fever!

Happy Friday Everyone! Today the girls have started hand trotting in their riding lessons. This is exciting as it is them who are in control of their horse to make them move faster, their instructor is just holding on to the end of the lead rope for safety.

For their ground lessons, the girls have been learning about horse first aid. They have been down in the barn looking and horses who have cuts and bug bites, and have been “Inspector Vets”, looking for horses who may have bumps and grazes. They have also learned how to polo wrap a horses leg by practicing it on each other!

Last night for evening program, we played a game called Wells Fargo. This is when two teams have to steal money (poly dots) from each others bank (hola hoop). The team who gets all the money at the end wins. Each player has to have a long sock tucked into their pants, and when a player from the opposite team steals their long sock, they have to stand still until another player from their team gives them a sock! Everyone gets very competitive and involved and they could have played it all night.

Today the girls have been making peg ponies in arts and crafts and have been making rock paints in the creek. They have a busy weekend coming up; Saturday being Bareback Day and Sunday being Theme Day!


This is Gretyl. She is the Barrel Racing Champion at Frost Valley. She also has a twin at EVR called Hansel. She is also gas-powered.


Laura Stirling

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