3 canoes on lake cole

A Sunny Day at EVR!

What an amazing day we have had!

Today, the girls had their horseback riding lessons, and also took a hay ride down to farm camp, where they went boating for half of the day. Down at the pond, they can go in funyaks (non capsize-able kayaks), corcyls ( circle shaped boats that spin) or canoes. They also have nets and went fishing for newts.

Before dinner everyday, half of the girls do Hangout, where they can play gaga ball, tetherball, volleyball, or just read a book and make friendship bracelets. The other half of the girls do turnout in the barn. This is when they need to poo pick and much out the horse stalls! Surprisingly, they love it!

The WITS, ( Wranglers in Training) have gone on their overnight tonight. They have gone over wildcat mountain on horseback, with their overnight clothes in a trail pack, and will stay at main camp for the night with our sister program, Mustang- The younger aged horse back riding sleep-away camp.

The 4 weekers have just finished their English Riding vs Western Riding Demo. They rode with english tack to feel and learn the difference between the two. They found it very cool to see how the horses reacted and worked to each style of riding as well.



Laura Stirling

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