Frost Valley YMCA Alumni Committee


Mission Statement

The Frost Valley YMCA Alumni Committee, in alignment with the mission of Frost Valley YMCA, is rooted in their commitment and passion for engaging alumni and ensuring the long-term integrity of our eight core values: Caring, Community, Diversity, Honesty, Inclusiveness, Respect, Responsibility, and Stewardship.


Alumni Committee Description

Members of the Frost Valley YMCA Alumni Committee must meet the following criteria:

  • An alumnus of Frost Valley YMCA, by way of being a former staff member, camper or participant.
  • Has an interest in furthering the mission of Frost Valley YMCA, by assisting in cultivation, outreach and stewardship of other Frost Valley YMCA alumni, through various events, online networking as well as other potential avenues.
  • Strive to be a valuable member of the Frost Valley community by furthering the organization’s goals and strategies.
  • Maintain a profile of good standing, not only with Frost Valley YMCA but with the alumni community as a whole.

Members of the Alumni Committee should be prepared to do the following:

  • Participate in an acceptable number of bimonthly conference calls and/or meetings throughout the year.
  • Actively support the mission and initiative of the Alumni Committee, Alumni Association, and Frost Valley YMCA.
  • Be active in helping shape the future of the organization and improving the experience for each guest and camper that attends Frost Valley.
  • Make every reasonable effort to assist with and attend Alumni events to further the development of the Alumni Association as a whole.
  • Work as a committee to maintain and develop the following aspects of alumni engagement:
    • Alumni Event
      • Assist in planning and developing programs logistics for various Alumni events
    • Career Networking
      • Help the Association expand upon opportunities for members of the alumni community to communicate and build partnerships in their professional development with other Frost Valley alumni
    • Alumni Outreach
      • Assist in development efforts to track lost alumni and provide updated information to Frost Valley for record keeping
    • Alumni Social Media
      • Assist in developing a plan to keep Alumni engaged via social media.