Bill and Eva DevlinBill and Eva Devlin were the first full time staff members at Frost Valley. After moving onto campus, Bill and Eva felt a desire to do whatever was needed and fix whatever was broken. Eva restored the castle and Bill founded and developed Frost Valley’s Environmental Education Program. 

Cathy McFarland Harvey: A trailblazer in the cause of equal opportunity, Cathy had been instrumental in the creation and growth of Frost Valley’s various partnerships with organizations in Newark, NJ. As a Frost Valley Trustee, Cathy is an advocate of the long-lasting effects that summer camp can have on a child and family struggling with poverty.

Sumner Dudley (1854-1897): The visionary who started the concept of Camp Wawayanda, Sumner initiated a literary society for children that convinced YMCA to support his tours that brought children into the wilderness. The tours were later moved to Lake Wawayanda, NJ, hence the name, Camp Wawayanda.