Nemesia came to work at Frost Valley, joining the Summer Camp Registrar’s office in 2017. In tackling her first role at Frost Valley, Nemesia utilized her extensive customer service experience to offer a unique perspective, which enabled her to connect with camper parents. Nemesia has a natural aptitude for IT and computer programs. This combination of skills – alongside the ability to face any challenge and tackle it head on – made her a natural fit for the Development Team, which she was gratified to join in the fall of 2018.

Nemesia has always dreamed of being a part of something bigger than herself, at place that changes the world – like Frost Valley does, one camper at a time. Frost Valley’s values resonate with her so much that she happily sends son to overnight camp every summer. Outside of Frost Valley, Nemesia enjoys spending time with her family, especially biking, river walking and camping with her son, Henry.