Andrew Kremer

Board of Trustees

Finance Committee Chair


Andy Kremer


My connection with Frost Valley began in the mid 60’s as a ‘ward’ of the camp because my mother (Marie Kremer) was the girls camp cook.  I helped-out (so I thought) around the horse barn and waterfront until old enough to join cabin groups.  I was a camper in Forest and Outpost and then ‘out-tripped’ on New England bike trips, Western Adventure & Trail Blazers.  I was a CIT, worked weekends during high school in maintenance and program (other duties as assigned!), worked summers in maintenance, as a JC in Outpost,  a counselor in Sequoia, and finally as an out-trip counselor for ADK Adventure, Trail Blazers and Nova Scotia bike trips.  I am delighted to have the opportunity to re-engage as a trustee!

I am a civil engineer, retired from the engineering and construction industry, working part-time as a project management consultant and expert witness in settling and litigating construction claims disputes.

Trina, and I reside in Claryville, NY just down the road from the camp.  My son, Garrett, a business major at Northeastern, is part of the third generation of Kremer’s to work at Frost Valley.