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Josh Tucker


Joshua A. Tucker is Professor of Politics, affiliated Professor of Russian and Slavic Studies, and affiliated Professor of Data Science at New York University. He is the Director of NYU’s Jordan Center for Advanced Study of Russia, co-Director of the NYU Center for Social Media and Politics, and was a co-author/editor of the award-winning politics and policy blog The Monkey Cage at The Washington Post for over a decade. He is also a Senior Geo-Political Risk Advisor at Kroll.

His research focuses on the intersection of social media and politics, including partisan echo chambers, online hate speech, the effects of exposure to social media on political knowledge, online networks and protest, disinformation and fake news, online foreign influence campaigns, the influence of social media platforms on elections and democratic legitimacy, and Russian bots and trolls. His most recent books are the co-authored Communism’s Shadow: Historical Legacies and Contemporary Political Attitudes (Princeton University Press, 2017), and the co-edited Social Media and Democracy: The State of the Field (Cambridge University Press, 2020). 

Josh first arrived at Frost Valley for a family Memorial Day Weekend in 1977, and has been coming back ever since. He spent 13 summers at Frost Valley as a camper in Forest, Outpost, Lenape, and Pac, a CIT, a counselor in Forest and Hemlock, VC of Lenape, and CIT Director (with his sister as co-Director!) twice.  He met his wife Elisabeth “Ellie” Gordon at Frost Valley (who only spent 10 summers there), and their kids are long-time campers (and now counselors!) — both are huge fans of Advil and the adventure trip program. He has convinced many of his friends to join him at Memorial Day Weekends over the years, and most of them have ended sending their kids to Frost Valley as well.  He is honored to be a part of the Board of Trustees.