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Adventure Mini-Trips are on their way!!

With their bags packed, boots tied tight, and water bottles in hand our Adventure Village departs for their 4 day, 3 night mini-trip. Our counselors have been working hard to create the best trips possible for our village. As sad as it is that our entire village is empty for the next few days, we are excited for these young boys and girls to grow into confident young men and women. We had five trips that left this morning ranging in age and challenges.

Our first and youngest group went on our On-Camp Backpacking trip. This trip is wonderful for kids just starting out in Adventure Village because it teaches the essential skills that they will need while backpacking in the Catskill Mountains while never leaving camp property. This trip starts at camp and hikes its web of trails until the last night, where they will reside at Merrell Pavallion which provides some of the most beautiful vistas in the Catskill Mountain Range.


Our second trip, the Slip n’ Slide Mountain Hike, is the next step to our tripping progression for Adventure Village. ┬áThis trip is a little more challenging but is rewarded with numerous breath taking views along the way.


Next is our Climbing trip in the Mohonk Preserve! We are fortunate enough to have 3 amazing guides to take our campers out and not only learn how to climb but to also learn how to set up a safe climb by learning different knots, belaying, and other essential climbing skills.


We then have the Adirondack Backpacking trip that tests the skills of our campers. This trip will shower the kids with beautiful vistas from the Largest  Natural Protected area in the Continental United States!


Finally, we have the Adirondack Canoe trip exploring the Saranac Lake area. This trip is great for kids looking to spend their day in a canoe paddling along side some of the best scenery in the state.


These campers will have so many wonderful stories and I can’t wait to share them with you on our next blog post.
*Just a reminder that there will be no blog post Monday and Tuesday due to all of the campers being on trail.

Happy trails,

Lincoln McLain
(845) 985-2291 x265

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Zach eigenbrodt

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Zach couldn't keep himself out of the woods when growing up. He started working at a Northern Wisconsin YMCA Camp as a wilderness trip leader while in college and fell in love with getting kids into nature. The smiles on kids faces after returning from a once in a life time wilderness experience is why he is here today. Zach brought his talents to Frost Valley YMCA, in 2014, when he started as the Trips Coordinator and soon was promoted to Adventure Director. Zach loves all forms of Wilderness exploration, though some would say his heart lies most with canoeing.

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