Adventure Trips in 1972

Robin Wachenfeld, then an Adventure Trip leader and now a member of Frost Valley’s  Board of Trustees, showed us a stack of small color prints of photographs she took of her Adventure Camp colleagues in 1972. Here are just a few of those shots:

Carolyn Wells in the Adirondacks.
Mark Fisher and colleague standing in between Biscuit and Pigeon Lodges, at the place where trip leaders loaded up and unpacked. Behind them are the old Forstmann-era chicken coops, which in the 1960s and ’70s served as the Outtrip Building.
Leslie Helms inside Biscuit or Pigeon Lodge.
From left to right: Steve Glade, Sue Moriarity, and Mark Fisher.
Sue Moriarity in the Adirondacks.


Al Filreis

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